Monday, December 14, 2009

Going To See Santa!!!

On the weekend Santa came to Faro with a present for each child in town under age twelve. There were also games, food and lots of visiting with friends. We all had a fantastic time! I had been practicing with Hunter for a few days prior what he had to do when Santa arrived in Faro. It was pretty simple- just sit by Santa, say Hi Santa and Thank You Santa. He was all prepared and really wanted a "prize" as he calls it.

Well when the time came, Santa walked into the rec centre and Hunter went and hid under a table!! It had everyone there laughing. I was able to coax him out. He was positive Santa was going to bring him a new car, as you will be able to hear in the video. Even cuter, as Santa handed him the present Hunter asked him outright if it was a car! Santa had a good answer about the elves wrapping this present and he would have to wait and see. Thankfully it was a barn, complete with animals and a tractor. He was very pleased with his prize!

Cavan sat with Santa no problem and was just in love with the Christmas tree nearby. And he was also very happy with his jingling, moving crab!

Santa brings the best gifts to the kids in Faro.


Tina said...

Much too cute! Our community Santa is next weekend, if this cold weather snap ever breaks! (-41 here today, it's getting a little old!)

Tina said...

I was just able to watch the video as it wasn't available earlier. Holy hannah Matt has a thick Cape Breton accent!! :)