Friday, December 11, 2009

Music Request From Hunter

Tonight I was playing a new song for Matt on the computer when Hunter came up and asked for his favorite song, "Please F*ck*r Dance, Mom!" Oopps! The song he loves... You're Going To Go Far, Kid by The Offspring.

I was laughing so hard! That has been his favorite song for months and he dances like a little lunatic when it is on. I love his taste in music, but I might have to download the beeped out version for him tonight! He has never asked for it like that before, usually he just asks for his dance song.

And the new song I was playing for Matt? Easy by Deer Tick. A free download from itunes that is quite catchy!


Tina said...

Ahahahahahaha! That's awesome.

Fawn said...

Yikes! :)

Where do you get free downloads from iTunes? Was it one of those Starbucks things?

Morena said...

There is a band called Deer Tick? Wow, am I ever out of the loop.

Hunter is pretty funny. It's crazy what they pick up when you don't think they get it.