Thursday, December 17, 2009

Leaving For Christmas!

It has been seven years since I last celebrated Christmas with my parents in their home! Where did that time go? Oh yeah.... I spent it roaming around the north! The only reason we are headed down this year is because my parents were super generous and are flying us down. I absolutely hate traveling at Christmas, but I cannot turn down free flights!

Tomorrow we are leaving early in the morning to head to Whitehorse. I have yet another dental appointment early in the afternoon. We fly out on Sunday morning down to Vancouver and then up to Fort St. John. Then just a nice hour and half drive and we will be there. I know... you are wondering why am I not just driving?? Well it is about 2000km each way. That is 2 and a half days each way, in the cold, with screaming kids and only 10 days off for the holiday. Just doesn't work.

My brother and his family will be joining us there as well. Their boys are nearly the same age as ours, so this holiday is going to be a riot! I envision the boys destroying the tree, eating so many cookies they yak on Grandmas new and expensive sofa, sneaking sips of eggnog with rum and then yet again yakking on the sofa.... Ahhh.... this is how Christmas memories are made!

We will be back just before the new year as Matt has to work. I am sure I will find myself on the computer between now and then!

And sorry all of those recipients of our Christmas cards... the nifty photocards I ordered this year have still not arrived so they will be sent out in the new year. Something to brighten up your mail box full of bills in January!

We wish everyone safe travels for the holidays!


Morena said...

Have a good vacation and fly safe!

Just me said...

Sounds like a true family Christmas, yaking and all. I am avoiding all the family drama and having a quiet Christmas in Edmonton. Maybe next year I will brave the family and celebrate on the East Coast. Frankly, I love Christmas in the North and am sorry I won't be closer to Santa...I could sure use the brownie points this year.

Gen said...

Merry Christmas Kara!!!

A visit to your blog has been long overdue. Love your new layout and photos. Hope all is well and I promise I'll be in touch a lot more in the new year! Big hug to Matt, Hunter, and Cavan. I miss you guys very very much!


Corrienne said...