Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Whitehorse so far....

So far no baby! Or even signs of the baby other than my sore hips. Here are the highlights of the last few days:

- Hunter barfing all over the medivac suite where we stayed our first night. All my fault since for some reason I thought it would be fine to give him McDonalds french fries and some of my milkshake. Where is my brain??
- Got settled in our other suite at Ravensong B&B. It is awesome.
- Visiting blogger Stacie and Hunter going dogsledding!! Pictures will follow once Mac is fixed.
- Being made fun of at the Mac dealership/repair place for having a laptop full of bird seed. I will now be paying out the nose to have it cleaned. I am also buying a hard cover, a keyboard cover and a lap-pad for it. Bill for all of that so far? Over $400.
- Had an amazing manicure/pedicure with a friend at Lilliepie Lotions. Oh my good god was it ever great. Over two hours of being pampered.
- We have yet to go the pool and it is killing me. All weekend was a huge hockey tournament and it was just too busy to brave going up there.
- Met with our contractor to pick out some stuff for the house. He is going to head out there while we are here to get a whole bunch of stuff done for us. I can't wait to see what it looks like when we get home.
- I have a bit of a sore throat that is being aggravated by nasty heartburn.
- We had a tour of the maternity ward and it looks wonderful. I am ready to be up there already!!

So all is good in Whitehorse, minus my sore throat and being awake since 4:30 this morning. Hunter is doing fine and spends everyday pointing out the cars around town for us just in case we miss them. I am already missing the quiet of Faro so hopefully baby makes a nice early appearance.


Trish said...

Good Luck!

Aida said...

speedy baby vibes to you.

Tigger said...

Enjoy your time...it will pass soon enough, and then there will be TWO!!