Monday, March 16, 2009

Five ways to tell a Northerner has lived in Nunavut

Okay, if you have lived in Nunavut or still are you have to go and give this a read!! Oh my gosh is it ever funny!!

Five ways to tell a Northerner has lived in Nunavut.

#5 is awesome. Whitehorse is like kindergarten for Northerners!

So I guess I am a Nunavut-weenie by most of this criteria!


Lindsay Niedzielski said...

Too funny...I think I contain some 'weenie-ness' according to this!

Way Way Up said...

Great article! They all fit me to a "T" I've mentioned Rankin blizzards a lot the past few days since we have a hockey team traveling there. Arctic Bay must be one of the very few places to use 2 words in its name though unless you use the community's Inuktitut name. I've actually lived in Nunavut's most easterly community - Qik.....sorry Qikiqtarjuaq. And yes, ever time my stepdad mentions having spent a year or two of his childhood growing up in Whitehorse, I'm always quick to smirk and refer to Whitehorse as "not North."

Matthew and Michele said...

Grise Fiord
Arctic Bay
Cape Dorset
Hall Beach
Pond Inlet
Clyde River
Rankin Inlet
Chesterfield Inlet
Repulse Bay
Baker Lake
Whale Cove
Coral Harbour
Cambridge Bay
Pelly Bay
Gjoa Haven
Bathurst Inlet
Bay Chimo

That leaves only 11 communities including Nanisivik with single names. Off course the Inuk names for the communities are all one word. Just tying to help.

It was a very funny article.


Megan said...

Ha! Thanks for sharing this.

Murray said...

That is funny. It's truly unfortunate that Whitehorse is now "barely North" - "self-sufficiency and ruggedness" are increasingly forgotten values here, too. I've yet to get to Yellowknife or Iqaluit - driving to Yellowknife is on "the short list", though.

jen said...

What the heck is a weenie, I much prefer SNOB lol, we are Nunavummiut snobs! Nothing wrong with that.

Alex said...

haha, great article. Wish I had seen this sooner!

I definitely think there's differing types of snobbery wherever you travel throughout the north. I'm only experienced with NWT snobbery....and I'll admit that I'm guilty of it myself.
To me it seems like the smaller the community you've lived in (or are from), the more it entitles you to look down upon those in Hay River/Yellowknife/Fort Smith. Inuvik seems to be exempt because a good number of people in the territory still have never been up in the delta.

Whenever I hear someone mention something about the delta or Gwich'in people I'm always quick to chirp in that I used to live in Fort McPherson (or just McPherson, or McPhoo if I wanna get really snobby). Nevermind that I only lived there for a year and a half...