Sunday, March 15, 2009

Missing Work

Today for some reason I find myself missing my job. I was very challenged at my job in Kugluktuk and really did enjoy it, even with all of the problems.

Tonight I was looking at Masters programs available by correspondence. It sounds good for a minute or two, but then I shake my head and realize how much I wanted this. The opportunity to stay at home and be a hands on parent. We worked our butts off for four years so that we would be financially secure enough to become a one income family.

I think I just miss learning. Not that staying at home with a toddler isn't learning!! I am missing an academic challenge. I signed up for French classes in town and I am loving my one hour a week in the classroom. After that hour I crave more learning. Perhaps that is why I am liking sewing with fur and leather so much. I find it challenging to come up with patterns and figure out new techniques to make my final product have a more finished look to it.

In the future, I am sure I will continue with my career. Sometimes though I am not sure the extra money is worth it. Both parents on the go, trying to coordinate vacation time, trying to have quality family time, etc. Life just seems so simple with only one adult out of the house having a job. Who knows, maybe my career will be put on long term hold while we raise our kids. And so far my mitten/bootie making is giving me enough fun money that I am content.

Anyone else out there feel like this? I would love to hear any opinions on the topic!


Tina said...

I hear ya. A big factor of us giving up our life back home was me being home with the kids. Working where I am and just doing the course I was on makes me miss learning. It will be even worse when this job ends in June. Thanks kara, now I'm all depressed! :)

Way Way Up said...

Oh wow! So I'm not a lone voice crying out in the wilderness/tundra! I've been having similar discussions the past week with my girlfriend down in Ontario. What to do, what to do? lol

Matthew and Michele said...

I have been a firm believer in doing what you are happy doing.

Jackie S. Quire said...

The one thing I would say, Kara, is that you don't necessairily have to do a full-time study program, right?

You can take one course at a time or whichever to satisfy that learning bug... but also not abandon time with your family.

Just a thought

Yukongirl said...


You may also want to consider teaching distance courses....can be done from anywhere....

You might want to chat with the Gang at the College Campus and see what could be done in September.

I love teaching just as much as I love learning! (sometimes more...there are less papers to write :-)


Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

Hey Jennifer,

I love the teaching part too!! If the job every came open here for our learning centre I sure would be tempted to apply for it!

Gen said...

I hear ya Kara.
It's the feeling of the world passing you by; your brain degenerating; angst about not being as useful as you think you could be; not being challenged enough, etc.

While we're at home, parts of ourselves aren't being used as they once were. We feel incomplete. But you're right, there is no perfect situation. It's temporary and in 5 years, the kids will be in school and we'll have our "lives" back. And, we'll be happy but we'll miss those baby years. We can have it all but that "all" is spread out over a few years. Just gotta be patient I guess. In the meantime however, I think it's really really important to take some time for ourselves and do those little things that make us making mocs, riding quads and shooting guns! :)

That's the conclusion I'm coming around to!

Tigger said...

Holy, Tim and I were just having that conversation last night...How I feel like my brain is rotting, no matter how much I enjoy staying home with the kids.... We, also, decided that having a parent raise our children (not a babysitter) was VERY important. I have to keep reminding myself that is my "job" now... Tim will take a turn again when Ez is a bit older. I am just like you though, the sewing and craft projects are taking over my life! I am currently making the 3 quilts for the Play School Talent Auction-like I don't have enough to do!!