Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dreading Labour.

It is 3 in the morning and I am awake. It started with a pee break, then the cat trying to lick my armpit (our cat is damn odd), and now I am hungry and eating cereal. Lucky Charms taste great at 3am!

With only three weeks until my due date I am starting to think about the labour and delivery part. Blah. My last experience was horrible. Here is a quick summary of that:

Sunday 0300: water breaks at hotel. Husband is a 6 hour drive away at a wedding. I head to hospital.
Sunday 0800: husband arrives at hospital exhausted. I am bored because nothing has happened yet!
Sunday 2300'ish: I get induced. Being induced sucks.
Monday 0700: Inducing drugs were exponentially increased all morning and I make it to a whopping 3cm. It is hell. Doula that is hired to help me have a natural labour quietly whispers to me "sweetie, I think you should get the epidural".
Monday 0900: I face my horrible fear of a needle in my spine and get the drugs.
Monday 0930: I love drugs.
Monday 1600: For the love of God I am finally at 10cm. I get to push!
Monday 1643: I have a boy!
Monday 1645: I hemorrhage. Lots of people in scrubs come in to help. Uterus won't contract, I am filling up with blog clots. Doctor has to manually clean out the blog clots (at this point I am thanking the drugs gods that I do not have to feel this). Uterus is massaged from the outside by one doctor (it left wicked bruises) and inside by another doctor. Stitches are done for some internal and external tearing. I get lots of drugs to stop the bleeding..... sometime in here I pretty much pass out.
Monday 1830: I wake up! I have a baby boy! ummmm why have my drugs wore off? I don't want to feel this!
Tuesday 1100: Hospital is so full and husband is a nurse so we get punted back to our hotel.

For the gong show my labour was, I felt pretty good by the time we were back at the hotel. The parting advice from my labour doctor was the next time I walk into the hospital ready to pop out a kid I am to say, "hi, my name is Kara, I am a bleeder, give me an epidural", which I will have no problems saying this time around!! I do not want to feel the work they could possibly have to do to me again after the kid comes out. I am just praying that I don't have to be induced this time around.

The armpit licking evil cat is sitting here all cute and purring. I think she is trying to convince me to go back to bed. I have a massive to do list to finish before I head to Whitehorse on Friday so I guess I had better listen.


deiss said...

You've got a great head on your shoulders, Wonder Girl #1. I know you will be able to handle whatever comes your way. Love you lots!!

mistymom said...

geez, i thought u already had the baby coz i skipped so many parts n ended up reading ur PREVIOUS birth!! lol geez, that was definitely a tough birth so here's hoping for a drama-free one. i was also induced after water breaking n after 24hr, nothing was happening. had a 6hr labour, pushed n out popped arianna after 40mins or so, n THEN i bled too. apparently some of my placenta got stuck n they had to manually remove it but thank god they put me under GA. i had to go into the OT. poor DH must have been worried sick!! i'm also hoping not to get induced this time around n pls, i want it to be drama-free too!! *finger, toes n eyes crossed*

jen said...

I wonder why they waited so long to induce you? I had the same story 4am water breaks, no contractions, go the hospital, still no contractions. They hooked me right up to the induction drugs and by 4pm baby comes. Of course I had the epidural too and I would get it again and again!

You must have been exhausted going for so long, but I hear it's quicker second time around! It will be great Kara, faster (and I'm not talking like 2 hours, we don't want any tearing!) and drugs will make it better! lol

Tina said...

You should have stayed on Facebook. I was up. :)

Gen said...

That's why we have a mean bitchy side, to get us through labour. Courage ma belle!

Lindsay Niedzielski said...

I also had to be induced after my water broke with Hanna....but ended up with a super quick labor (3 hours from first contractions to her birth) which was way quicker than my first (and with way less tearing) so I hope you have a good 2nd experience....heck, after the first one, you deserve it!!!!

Anonymous said...

You really shouldn't share these stories with the people you've been trying to convince to have babies hahahaha!!!

*Wanders off to find chastity belt.. do they sell those at Walmart?*

BunBun said...

God that would be terrible. At least you got a bouncing baby boy out of the deal.

Aida said...

you are in my thought girl, you'll be surprised, you kinda know what to expect this time around. so its a good idea to take the early epidural eh?

whatever is it, if you can, try and avoid a dont want to deal with that when you have a toddler..ask me how i know :-)

dogsled_stacie said...

Um, I'm left after reading that, wondering wtf "blog clots" are?!??!!

Tigger said...

My experience...? Second labour...WAY easier/better/awesome-r!!(yes, that is a word!) Epidural is our friend!

Jennith said...

lol... why do women share these stories with those of us who aren't mom's yet... Every time I decide I'd like to be a mom... I hear a story or 8 that makes me seriously want to end up an old spinster with cats... :P

I hope you have a nice peaceful labour this time.