Saturday, March 21, 2009

Ice Worm Squirm

This afternoon Faro held a little winter festival that was a blast! While the turnout wasn't the best, the people that were there made it a lot of fun. We had been in Ross River for the morning visiting, so we missed the first hour and a half of the fun in Faro, but we still got to participate in some activities.

The fun began when Matt whipped a chunk of wood for this pudgy little dog to fetch. Well my hubby threw it into a fenced off ball diamond and the dog climbed the snow bank and went over the fence to get it. The snow on the other side was all powder and the dog was over its head digging in it. It was so funny to watch the dog!! So Matt had to rescue the dog before it was lost forever in the deep snow.

We roasted some hotdogs and I enjoyed some hot chocolate. The weather was beautiful at about -10 with a bit of wind and lots of sun.

Then Matt took part in the log sawing competition and won 1st place with 25 seconds to cut his chunk of log. Of course I was very proud of my nurse beating out both the RCMP and CO. Nice prize too! An oil/filter change worth $65 and a camping pillow.

Hunter spent the two hours just wondering around visiting with the kids. Here he is helping/hindering the building of a snow fort:

My outdoor loving boy:

The three and soon to be four of us!

The only activity I was sad that we missed was the dogsledding. By the time we were going to head over there, the dogs were tired and heading home.

What a wonderful Saturday!


Way Way Up said...

It's comforting to see places south of here with plenty of Still beautiful looking weather and scenery of course!

Anonymous said...

Awesome new header photo.

Tina said...

LOVE the new header pic! It's about time! :)

Gen said...

Ah, never underestimate the nurse!

(I too love the new header pic!)