Monday, March 2, 2009

Mr. Trouble

The boy is hilarious. Last week I set down a little snack for him, bunny graham crackers and water. While I checked my email he disappeared. I thought he just went to his room to get a toy. Then I looked over and his snack was missing too. Hmmmmm.... So I gave a yelling asking where are you. He yelled back "cat!". Joy. The kitties hang out on our bed during the day and Hunter climbs up there no problem. So I thought I would go and investigate. I actually filmed a cute little video, but am having issues getting it to upload. I will keep trying though. Here are some pictures of what the boy did with his snack.

Oh! Hi mama! Me and da kittehs are having snack time togever. Dey weally weally wike cookies.

Freak (white cat): "Death to the boy. He is giving me cooties. Get him off me now!"
Tweak (grey cat): "I would have preferred tuna."
That is my finger pointing to the cookies the boy was feeding them. He was taking them one at a time and trying to feed them to each cat. He was also kind enough to offer his sippy cup of water to the kitties.

This kid sure does make me laugh!


Courtney said...

OH MY GOD, he is so cute.
I want one just like him. Miss you guys! xoxox

Amanda said...

Sounds like he keeps ya busy! and now you have another one on the way just around the corner!! AHHHHH! I don't know how you'll do it!!!!!

Tina said...

That's funny. Beautiful bed btw.