Friday, March 6, 2009

Oh the joy of Timbits!!!

Today.... or would that be yesterday? I don't know, it is 3:30am and of course I am awake again. Blah!

Okay- so I guess yesterday then, our contractor arrived from Whitehorse to begin installing our windows. His other (better?) half turns out to be another blogger that I have of course read. She had read on my blog about my love for Timbits last week, so she made sure the contractor arrived with a big box of Timbits for me!

Thank you Karyn!! Northern Bloggers are seriously the best.


Amanda said...

Mmmm, timbits!!! have some for me please!!

Anonymous said...

Where in Manitoba is Karyn from Kara? I see on her blog she lives about four hours away from Winnipeg, which would put it right around where I grew up, depending of course on the direction traveled. There's no commenting on her blog so I can't ask her direct.

Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

I believe they lived 4 hours to the west of Winnipeg. Right direction?

Anonymous said...

Kind of, Northwest is more where I'm thinking. Next time you speak, tell her hello from a fellow 'tobin. One from Roblin.

The Life of Karyn said...

I told Ryan he should take some fruit with him to share in Faro since I wasn't sure how expensive it is there..but after reading your blog last week about the Timbits I changed my mind and told him to take Timbits! I am glad that you enjoyed them!

In response to the comment on your Blog, I am from Dauphin, Manitoba. You may know a good friend of ours from Roblin though-Ginene Kochalyk (Bodnaruk)?

Anonymous said...

Alright, completely appropriating Kara's comments for my own means! I don't know Ginene but I do know other Bodnaryk's. It has been a long time since I've lived in Roblin though. Left for University in 1976. Left Manitoba in 89 (or 90 depending on how you look at it). And left the south in 97, the southern north in 99.

But Dauphin makes us practically neighbours.