Thursday, March 26, 2009

I think it just hit me.

I am going to have another kid.

It really just hit me today, and I started to stress out. Poor Hunter felt those vibes and was a raving lunatic all day. I am not stressed about being organized because I am the queen of organized. Nearly everything is packed, to-do lists are shrinking, house is looking decent, etc. I think I am stressed because I am going to return with two kids instead of one.

None of our lives will be the same. I am worried about Hunter. For nearly two years he has been the centre of our attention. Now that attention has to be shared. I feel sad for him and I feel a bit sad for me. I love my little boy time and now I have to share that time as well. Am I worried about Matt? Nope. Not at all. My husband is as cool as a cucumber. He always seems to stay sane when I am losing my head.

Well I guess this is where my husband would say, "suck it up princess and get over it", so I will! Now on to the funny stuff because I cannot stand to be mopey for longer than two paragraphs.

The boy, as I said before, was a raving lunatic all day. The funniest was when I got out of the shower. He plays in our room which connects to the main bathroom while I have my shower. When I got out I see him up on our bed with the white cat. Totally normal. I walk in and see he took the whole dish of kitty kibble up there with him and is trying to feed it to the cat. He has also taken the toilet plunger and has it on the cats butt! As soon as he looked at me he panicked and tossed the whole dish of kibble over the edge of the bed. Kibble everywhere! Crazy kid. I wonder what he was planning on doing with that toilet plunger...

Later in the afternoon he sees me packing up the suitcases/rubbermaids. He starts carrying around his favorite fleecy blanket which he calls Ah-nie (no clue what this means at all) as though he is worried that we won't bring it. He opens up the washing machine door and shoves it in. No worries, he puts stuff in there all the time. Then as I am in the kitchen I hear some beeping. I peek around the corner to see him hit the start button (you have to hit the same button twice to make it work) and there goes the fleecy for a bath!! He starts to panic when he sees the water hitting his fleecy through the window and tries to open the door. But it locks once it is on! Poor kid really loses it!! I could not stop laughing. So we sat in front of the washing machine and watched it go round and round together.

He started to get pissy in the evening and bit Matt on the leg!! I bet we will be seeing more of this kind of behaviour once the baby arrives. Please send me suggestions about how to manage a jealous sibling!!


Megan said...

You are going to do a great job. I admire your courage. I wouldn't even be tough enough to venture into a second pregnancy, so you've got me beat already. :)

Christine said...

I have to admit that it is just in the last year that Taylor really loves her brother....for his first year she did not have much to do with him. It's an adjustment for sure but you can do it! I am sure Hunter will love his little brother or may take time but eventually he will love them!

Gen said...

Hunter will remain the center of the universe for a bit longer. He's a TODDLER for goodness sake, he has more pull than the moon!

No 2. will grow up with bruises and scratches (but hopefully no scars). But he/she will be incredibly happy because there's a big brother to copy and stalk.

You're organized, you're creative, you're active, you're loving, you'll be just fine, "princess". ;)

Jackie S. Quire said...

Awww, just keep feeding us these cute stories and you'll be just fine :)

Meandering Michael said...

If you worry about the jealousy, it'll happen so... don't worry about it! Let Hunter be a big brother and help you out with big brother things. It'll help you and he'll love the new responsibilities.

Aida said...

cant skip the jealousy, it will happen, you are somewhat in a little worse situation that i was (i know, bad to say that to a pregnant woman, but being honest here) since Hunter is going thru his terrible 2 stage. You will be a pro in no time in dealing with nursing and playing with Hunter. Also I find wearing the baby at home really helps to keep my hands free and interact with Ava and since newborns really dont need much cause they sleep all the time, Hunter and you will have at least 3 months "free" and this will also give him enough time to slowly adjust to having a sibling.

My kids are best of friends and enemies sometimes but earlier on, Ava just wasnt sure what to do with Ben. now she is older, I cant keep them from conjuring trouble!

Tigger said...

Hey Hunny, do I ever remember that moment...."OMG, we are about to change Peekaboo's life in every imaginable way, and she didn't ask for this...What were we thinking?" But, she LOVES Ezra, and I am super-glad that she has a sibling. As Tim said, "No one ever died from getting a new baby brother" Ha Ha...except maybe in one of those weird countries in Asia...??

Anonymous said...

Kara - You'll do fine. You and you family are so cool. baby Hunter will be fine, because you and Matt and going to be fine.

Best wishes!


Asheya said...

I think most kids go a little crazy right before the birth of a baby. They can sense that everything is going to change. As far as jealousy, just keep things positive. Reinforce how great a big brother Hunter is and how much the new baby loves him, and also provide the necessary supervision during his times with the baby. Getting him involved in baby care is always a great idea (you're such a good helper, thanks for getting mommy a diaper!) etc. Nurse new baby on the floor so you can play with Hunter or read him a story, so he doesn't feel excluded. Lots of daddy time is always a good thing too. We like to tell Elias positive statements about himself "You're such a gentle big brother; you're so good at sharing; you really love your baby sister." Picking up on all the positive interactions and commenting on them in the moment will greatly reduce the number of negative interactions, and will especially reduce negative feelings.

All the best! It's an adventure!