Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Weird Dreams

I think I am known for my crazy-ass dreams, but lately they are getting even weirder.

Last night I dreamed that I was running away from vampires. But the vampires weren't even that scary, more like kids dressed up in bad Halloween outfits. And to kill them, I had this special gun that would shoot dry spaghetti at them. Very specifically it was McDonalds brand dried spaghetti (didn't know you could get spaghetti from McDonalds...) It was very odd.

And I think I am getting nervous about this big craft fair on the weekend. I had a dream this week where I showed up very unprepared to the event. There were over 1000 tables and no one would come to mine. So I started yelling loudly to tell everyone what I had for sale, but it just scared people off even more.


In other news- I have 29 pairs of booties made. One more pair to go! And I think I have about 15 of the northern stockings done up. I just have to sew leather ties on them tonight. Only a few small things left to do like find a table cloth, write on the labels, and stuff the booties full of paper. I should be ready for Saturday.

And I have gotten my appetite back. So far today I have eaten:
- 2 pieces of french toast
- 1/2 cup strawberries
- handful goldfish crackers
- 2 pieces of cheese
- huge bowl of chili
- two more pieces of bread
- huge piece of sponge cake that I made yesterday
So now I am feeling like a pig, but glad I have the pregnancy excuse to blame the eating on.

Pregnancy is going along great! Very little yakking now and I think I am going to try going down to just 1 diclectin a day. I can now feel Skeletor moving around in there. And I find it just as creepy as the first pregnancy. Sorry, but I am not in love with the feeling of a little creature growing in me. I really do find it pretty creepy.

The boy no longer walks anywhere. He runs. And his favorite word is NO! Used very well in context and with a lot of force behind it. And we are definitely not up for parent of the year award. The other day Matt and I were down the hallway moving some cords when Matt went to check on Hunter who was very very quiet... Matt found him ON the kitchen table, actually the EDGE of the table, with a pair of sewing SCISSORS in his hands, attempting to ATTACK the computer. We suck big time. Should we even be allowed to make more???

Well I think that is about it! You are all up to date with the excitement around here!


Kennie said...

wow, that is one farked up dream Kara. Mind you, I had a dream the other night that I was Hal 9000 and I was zapping the poo out of humanity.

And bad parents? ... noo ..... did you get a picture of it? lol.

Way Way Up said...

Hey did your dream involve a talking pine cone and a sumo wrestler?......'cause I thought...oh wait.....sorry.....that was MY dream......oops.


deiss said...

Last night I dreamt Mark Wahlberg came over and did a monologue of every movie he's been in.

Meandering Michael said...

Your bootie dream doesn't surprise me. I mean, what self-respecting vampire-in-disguise wants to buy booties from a screaming McDonalds spaghetti shooting vampire hunter?

You're going to do GREAT at Spruce Bog. There are hardly any vampires in Whitehorse.

Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

Sorry Kennie- no picture of that one!!!

Darcy- I guess you are crazier than me, but with no sun I am not surprised.

Deiss- was he naked? Cause I could sure go for a dream with Marky Mark naked in it.

And thanks Michael! Glad to know the craft fair will be pretty much vampire free!! Now, if you have time to comment you have time to post the name/pictures of the new addition to your family! Come on- the mass of fans are waiting!

deiss said...

No, he wasn't naked. Dammit.

Aida said...

at least you are not dreaming of threesomes! i got tons of those during pregnancy..very strange. oh gawd, bad parents? you aint see nothing yet..wait till Hunter turns 2 and you might want to add "devil" in front of wee

in iqaluit said...

Hey Kara,
I am sure you will do well at the craft sale! Even if you don't sell them all that day, people will know you make them. Do you need to get some money to provide change to people?
Have fun!

Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

Aida- threesomes eh? I bet Frank didn't mind those dreams!! hehehe

In Iqaluit- yep, I got myself a little cash box with change it. I guess I am almost all set!

The Apathetic Bride said...

Ha! You have the greatest dreams ever Kara :) I'm a very vivid dreamer too, so I can relate.