Monday, November 17, 2008

No brain while pregnant.

I am losing it. Yep, my brains are turning to mush and I am only 18 weeks pregnant. Skeletor is stealing all of my smarts.

Yesterday I found the hot chocolate powder in the fridge.

It can only go downhill from there.

And I had to break out the maternity pants last week. Oh do I feel sexy wearing pants that stretch up so high I could tuck my boobs into them. Or is it that my boobs are hanging lower.... scary thoughts. Sorry everyone, hope that doesn't leave you with nightmares tonight.


Heather (aka Mum) said...

Hay girl...No complaining...I'm still wearing them a year later!! So what's with THAT ????? And as for the hotchocolate in teh fridge...just today,infront of a friend, I went to check the brownies to see if they were done cooking
yet...I checked the FRIDGE!!

It must be a Mummy thing!!!

Well...It is -29.4 & dropping by the second here! Hope you are staying warm in your corner or the Yukon!!

cuz Heather said...

Kara, I just howled when I read this!! I think every pregger female has done something like this. I still do it! Mine was mail in the fridge. Don't ask! You have such an awesome sense of humour! Keep it up!

Aida said...

lol, that is a very funny description..yeah i read somewhere the more kids you hv, the more brain functions they will suck

Frank opened the fridge one day and saw toilet paper in it..can't blame Ava cause she was only 11 months old and Ben was still in the

deiss said...

Well at least you goofballs are putting things in the fridge and not the oven because that has disaster written all over it!

Anonymous said...

tLOL! Thats so funny! I had child bearing syndrome too. I ordered pregnancy test on a guy. LOL!!!

Jackie S. Quire said...

Hey there ms. Fuzzy brain, go check out the spark blog.... you might have a nice surprise!

Anastácio Soberbo said...

Hello, I like the blog.
It is beautiful.
Sorry not write more, but my English is bad writing.
A hug from Portugal

The Apathetic Bride said...

Hey, it could have been worse... you could have found something that should have been in the fridge (ex. milk) in the cupboard!