Monday, November 17, 2008

Bootie Buying!

Hey! Thanks everyone who is interested in buying booties!

Matt has them with him over in Ross River right now. He will be back on Thursday and I will get pictures and prices up then.

And Meagan from Inuvik! I am sure it was your friend. I can't find her card to remember her number. I think it is in the bottom of one of the rubbermaids. But she took the traditional arts program there in Inuvik! Her work was amazing.


Yukongirl said...

Hi Kara!

Bummer about the Spruce Bog...I think it is one of those cyclical things - next year will probably be the year for booties and "big" stuff!

Anyway - I would like a pair of booties for my nephew. He is going to be 17 months old at Christmas - my sister-in-law says he has big feet for his age. I can get an exact size from her if that is easier for you.

You can email me directly to make arrangement for pick up (I live in Whitehorse, but used to live in Faro, and still have many friends there!)


indigo said...

And Kara, if there are any infant boys left, preferably with fur but if not okay, I need a pair for the baby boy born last month. Let me know and I'll send the $ when I get home from Ottawa.

Aida said...

if your stat counter is up, its because i am checking for the hundreth time if we are going to meet Mr Dick or Ms

btw, those booties you made for Ben, he is totally wearing them walking, no slipping, the soles still look perfect though he has raked a ton of mileage on them and will be a few more months before its too small..doh

Megan said...


Yeah I'm pretty sure it's her! She does incredible stuff!
If you need her number or anything, let me know!


Megan said...

There's ANOTHER "Megan from Inuvik"? And she is part of "Megan and Glen"?

I need to know more. Should I be freaked out?

Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

Thanks Jennifer/Yukongirl! I will post pictures up later this week. I have ones that will for sure fit his big feet.

Indigo- I am sure I will have some with fur left! I will let you know when I get the booties back from Ross River.

Aida- only one more week until I find out if it has a inny out an outtie!

Megan from Inuvik- I know I have her card around here someone, but if I don't find it will be sure to ask it!!

And other Megan- creepy. There are so many Megans!

carole said...

Hey Kara!

It was so nice meeting you and your family in person at the craft fair. Hunter is a real cutie! Don't despair about the booties. Your work is absolutely amazing! I'm sorry I didn't buy any, but who knows, maybe at some point in the future. They are gorgeous and very inexpensive considering the quality of your work.