Monday, November 10, 2008

Pictures for Everyone

Here is the Christmas Cactus picture for Jen. Sorry it is sideways! And Carole: I have no idea how I got them to bloom. I have three and they are all blooming. It is my first time having them. Perhaps neglect?? I am pretty bad remembering to water them!

My rabbit fur booties!! These would probably fit 4-6 months or so. Pretty damn cute. All hand stitched. Not sure how much to charge for them at the craft fair:

My bootie army is starting to take shape!

For Stacy and Heather- the matching dog sledding booties:

I bought some fabric that didn't work well for the booties. So I have made some Northern Stockings out of them! I will try and sell them at the craft fair too. I just have to make leather ties to hang them with.

And all of my wonderful fur coats from Indigo!!


Tina said...

I'm LOVING the Northern stockings!

Trish said...

Very Bootilicious :-)

You are so very talented! I think I tried to make mocassins once in Textiles/Arts/Crafts class and managed to make 1 1/2 pairs! I'm not sure where those 3 shoes ended up though....

Heather (aka Mum) said...

OMG!!! Those booties had better fit my girls!!!!! & where were you when they were 4 months old? I would have killed for the Rabit fur ones! SOOOOO...when & where is this craft sale? You'd better NOT let anyone else nab those Mushing booties (of course unless it's Auntie Stacie!)

I'll do everything to be at the craft show...failing that...we HAVE to make SOME kind of arrangement!

I'm still spliting a gut over the comments posted re: Sears...I just got Sean to sit long enough for him to read them too!!

Way Way Up said...'re a one-woman bootie-making machine.

All I can do is sew on a button, sometimes correctly, oftentimes badly.

jen said...

Ok I'm putting an order in for some cute rabbit 4 month booties! Let me me know how much to send your way!!!

Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

Heather: I think i am going to make another set tonight. I will set them aside for you!!

Aida said...

OMG!, that is a whole lot of booties! Hey wanted to ask you, where do you get the "northern trims"? I looked all over the stores in Iqaluit, Rankin and here and can't find them. Frank is going to Cam Bay in a couple of weeks, I am telling him to look there..did you get that at the northern in Kug or somewhere else?

deiss said...

Where are my pictures?

And my word verification is dunce. Is that for you or me? :D

yukonmusher said...

very cute! good score on the coats, i do this too (
were can i get the dog sledding trim? I love it and would be great on my muks this winter.