Friday, November 7, 2008

Phone Adventures with Sears

Sears: How may I help you today?

Me: I would like to order an item and have it sent as a gift to a friend.

Sears: Blah, visa #, blah blah blah item number

Me: Blah blah blah

Sears: Okay, we will be shipping that to you at a cost of blah blah blah

Me: No. I would like that shipped to the Sears store in Dawson Creek BC.

Sears: Okay, you can pick it up at such and such address in Dawson City.

Me: No. I want that sent to Dawson Creek BC. And it is for a friend. I won't be picking it up.

Sears: Okay, here is the store. You can pick it up on Nov. 15th.

Me: NO! I am having it shipped to a friend! I live in another territory. It is a gift.

Sears: Oh. Well what is their name and address blah blah blah.

Me: Blah blah blah.

Sears: Okay, it will be ready for pick up on Nov 15th. You must go to that store and show them your id and credit card.

Me: NO! I live 2000km away! I am sending it as a gift for a friend. How am I supposed to show my visa???

Sears: Oh. Okay. Well it will be ready on Nov 15th for your friend to pick up.

Me: click.



Rob, Tina and the boys said...

OMg I had the same problem with them. I was shipping a gift to my mom and they ended up cancelling and re-doing the order 2x before they got it right. He kept doing the order then saying "ok, you can pick it up here" and I kept saying "no, I'm at the other end of the country, SHE'S picking it up". Crazy.

allmycke said...

This sounds like what it was like to deal with the phone company or the power company(formerly monopolies). Zero understanding of the needs of their customers, zero ability to adjust to current circumstances, just a big black abyss of ignorance.
Try ordering from Ellos - they know how to treat their customers!
Just kidding - I think they only operate in Scandinavia..

jen said...

That sounds like CIBC VISA. I was getting a new card and their new policy is to not send it to an unverified address (aka P.O. Box) so he then asks if it's cool for me to pick it up at the Yellowknife branch!!! Like I'm no farther west then Ottawa and he wants to know if I can pick it up in Yellowknife! And this is after me explaining over and over where I am. lol

Way Way Up said...

This reminds me of the time I tried explaining to a VIA Rail agent that - a) we didn't have street names in Qikiqtarjuaq b) Qik was part of Baffin Island and
and c) Baffin Island was part of Nunavut which in turn was not part of Quebec.

I felt like reaching through the phone and clubbing someone over the head with an atlas after that gem of a conversation.

Meandering Michael said...

"The that in Alaska?" (phone conversation with a Government of Canada employee in Toronto)

"The Northwest Territories. Which state is that in?" (placing an order through a Canadian company)

Telephone banking rep: Can you swing by the Yellowknife branch this afternoon to have those signed?
Me: No. I won't be able to make it there by this afternoon. It's a nine-hour drive.
Canadian Firearms Registry representative: Can you come to Edmonton this weekend to take the course?
Me: No. It's a fourteen hour drive. I won't make it on time.
Me: Address it to "General Delivery" at...
Telephone sales person: I need a mailing address.
Me: That IS the address.
Sales Person: No, I need, like, a house address.
Me: They don't have house numbers or street names here.
Sales Person: I can't use General Delivery or a post office box number...
Me: OK, it's the brown house next to the green house up on the hill.
Sales Person: OK, thanks.

Tigger said...

Aren't they infuriating?!?! I have sworn to never speak to them by phone again...EVER!

Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

Well at least this is better than trying to tell people we live in a fly in only community! Our wheel broke on our dishwasher that had warranty from sears. They wanted to send someone to fix it!! When I finally got it through their thick skull that that wouldn't work, they ended up mailing me 8 wheels!!! What nuts.

Aida said...

omg..what a bunch of stupid people.

i've gotten the "nunavut, is that in Canada?" question..its annoying

indigo said...

on the other hand some of the big (and best) online shopping places had free shipping for quite a few of the early NWT and Nunavut years, not even knowing where it was!!

dogsled_stacie said...

Or talking to someone in BC (can't remember the company), after saying "Yukon" - she went "where's that?" I say "y'know north of you?" She goes "Oh, Alaska?"


Heather (aka Mum) said...

While in a hospital in BC, they looked at my daughter's Yukon Health Care Card & said (while LOOKING at it...) I'll need to see her health care card.
Me:"That IS her HCC"
This happened at least 3 times !!
Then to top it off...
BC Hospital Staff: "ahhh...the Yukon? (looking confused) is that in Canada?" (confused & rather stupid)
Me: "I want you to CLEARLY understand that I am NOT laughing with you but directly AT you...Yes the YUKON is in Canada...We would be the Territory directly NORTH of you ...ya know...your NEIGHBOUR!"
I had to walk away from her BEFORE I said anything any further... Heck, she wasn't even a transplant. She was a CANADIAN... how pathetic!

As for sears...well...up here, they just SUCK!

The up side is the entertainment value created by these people!

Anonymous said...

Are you sure you weren't dealing with Customer Service in the Netherlands??? The famous line here is "that is not possible" and they seem to say that before you even have a chance to ask for what you want!

Nunavummiut Jaime said...

What a great collection of idiocy about the north.

Some gems I've gotten:

LCBO Employee: *looking at my Nunavut DL* Oh, Yukon, eh?
Me: Um, it says NUNAVUT?

Me: I live on Baffin Island.
Stranger in Vancouver: Isn't that a campground around here?
Me: It's an island in the arctic?!?!

Me: I live in Nunavut.
Various Canadians: Where's that?
Me: You know, that territory that was created in 1999?
Various Canadians: Ohhh Northwest Territories?
Me: East of that.
Various Canadians: *concentrated yet confused look on their face* ...

You have given me an idea for a post!

Way Way Up said...

Of course if you really want to confuse people, especially in regard to Nunavut, you can always slip your community's Inuktitut name into the conversation.