Friday, August 8, 2008

So much fun this week!!

This week was amazing! Friends of mine that I have known since high school were here visiting since Tuesday evening. There was:
Lana- we have been friends since I was in grade 9. We did a few years at the same University. She is now working on her PhD in fish toxicology (I think). She was up here for some sort of conference and took some vacation time with it. Haven't seen her in one year.

Kristen- went to middle school, high school and University together. She is best friends with Lana and actually just lives in Marsh Lake, YT. Very cool woman. Haven't seen her in about 6 years.

Lesley- friends since grade 7 or 8. We were also in girl guides together. Spent many nights camping and travelling together. She is working on Masters in rocks... or dirt... or something like that! She was up here this summer doing field work. Other than this summer, haven't seen her in 5 years.

So all three hopped in Kristen vehicle and drove out here for the week. We had a blast! The weather was shitty though, and when it wasn't raining, the mosquitoes were eating you alive. So we did some driving tours of the area, watched movies, did some crafts (will take pictures of them later), ate heaps of good food, chatted chatted and chatted some more, and played with Hunter.

They brought us kiwis, but they were so ripe we tried out Yukon Chatterbugs recipe for kiwi sauce. Hunter loved it!

Showing off his diaper escaping abilities:

Matt and the cats took the opportunity to catch up on their naps:

Hunter helped me make lasagna in anticipation of their arrival:

Lana, Lesley, Hunter, Me and Kristen:

We decided to make chocolate truffles, a Christmas treat, in the middle of summer:

Lesley relaxing in Hunters chair:

Hunter showing off his too-big parka:


Rob, Tina and the boys said...

I want a Parka like that for Joey! Do you make those too? Thanks for posting. :)

Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

Well I was afraid if I didn't post you might beat me up!!

And I am thinking about trying to make one of those parkas! They look pretty easy. I will price out the fabric and maybe Joey could be my practice kid!!

Aida said...

omg, love his parka!!

Rob, Tina and the boys said...

If you need me to box up Joey and send him up to be your practice kid I will. Or I can just reimburse you for the jacket. Either way. :)

Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

Oh yes! We will take him. Make sure to poke holes in the box, give him an extra bottle and Matt suggests wrapping his bum in plastic so the smell doesn't tip off the post office lady! Should probably send him courier too.

Anonymous said...

I was looking at your blog today because I was thinking about a vacation north and I realized that I love the orange color on your walls - can you tell me what color it is and what paint company?

BTW - I'm going to try the banana bread recipie...

Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

Oh my gosh- you know, I have no clue what the colour is called now or what company!!! The only thing I remember is that we bought it at Canadian Tire and used Debbie Travis paint- I would not recommend that paint though!!

Sorry I couldn't help!