Monday, August 18, 2008

Long Weekend!

It was a long weekend here in the Yukon and we had a blast! Matt got Friday afternoon off of work and we drove south on the Robert Campbell highway. The road isn't driven by many people as it is a gravel goat trail most of the way. It is our second time driving it and we love the road. We met up with my brother, his wife and their son at Laird Hotsprings for the weekend. The boys played, my brother trapped squirrels in the toy bin (video to follow this week), I picked cranberries, we ate heaps of good food, and of course we enjoyed the springs.

On Sunday we drove the highway to Whitehorse and this morning we shopped our little hearts out at Canadian Tire, Walmart and Superstore. Glad they were open on the holiday! Then we drove home this afternoon. So 1700km in three days, with a 14 month old, was just fine! Hunter travels like a dream most of the time and even slept well.

I will find the camera cord this week and upload some cute pics of the boys playing together. I love that we now live within driving distance of family.


Meandering Michael said...

Are you trying to start some sort of competition or something? :P

Rob, Tina and the boys said...

Sounds like fun. I wish I was closer to those hot springs!

Aida said...

i second Tina!

and with the amount of driving you guys are doing, Hunter probably thinks..."oh, we are on the road again..nothing new" lol

our recent drive up NL northern peninsula, 1500km. Ava was great but the same cannot be said of Ben!

Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

Michael- heheh competition for longest drive, most trips to Liard, or cutest kid! :)

Tina and Aida- you all need to come for a visit and go there with us!

Way Way Up said...

Elizabeth MacFarlane