Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Rock Picking

We would like to eventually do some landscaping for our front and back yards. Might have to wait a while though until we are bit richer, but in the mean time we are content to pick rocks for our future rock walls. Sunday gave us a couple brief hours of sun and we went to the rock patch.

Truck filling with rocks:

Tailings pond out by the mine (yuck!):

The mine:

The mountains of waste rock from the mine:

Matt searching for the perfect rocks:

Hunter was content to sit and count the kleenex while we picked rocks. We then spent a while tracking them down, but it was worth it!

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Anonymous said...

Awe, Hunter is such a cutie! I know what you mean by the cost of landscaping. Just to get what I needed for the two little patches I showed on my blog cost me almost $400. That's part of the reason I've been neglecting it, I've been a full-time student for the last four years. No time/no money. :)
Beautiful rocks, by the way. Great start!