Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Week Four Post Op Update! Bum Watch Week 4!

Four weeks already!

So that is four weeks of sitting on my butt doing a heck of a lot of nothing.  I am very slowly starting to do a few more things during the run of the day.  I can tootle about for say 15-20 minutes before I need to sit back down for an hour or two and rest.  Yesterday I was even able to help a bit with cooking supper and tidying the house.  I just really have to watch out that I don't overdo it.  I get lightheaded, dizzy, and nauseous when I push it just that bit too much.

We saw the doctor in Faro yesterday and he said I am healing up great.  The wound care Matt has been doing for me has been spot on.  While my butt wound is going to take a long time to heal, it is healing and the doctor was pleased.  The inner thigh wound has filled in and while it still looks a bit gross, it actually on the path to healing.

So photos for the curious!!!  

!!!!Warning!!!!  If you are grossed out easily, the last couple of photos are not for you.  They are graphic shots of my inner thigh wound and my butt wound. 

The lower back swelling is insane.  I am so puffy back there!

Swelling has come down a slight bit, but I still have zero waist.  I cannot wait for that to show up in the coming months.  Most of the scabs have now come off the incision lines.

Even with all my swelling, I am so incredibly happy with the work that has been done!

Again, scabs are coming off and incisions is becoming flatter.  Thighs are very tight with swelling and will just continue to get smaller over the coming months.

This is where you can really see the swelling, especially in the pubic region.  It has been through a lot of trauma with the four drains being pulled from there over the last week.  Fluid will now build up in there before my body is able to absorb it.
There is the inner thigh wound.  It had been more of a deep hole, but it is filling with nice healthy pink tissue.  Most of the scabs are off of the legs now and the incisions are becoming flatter.
Okay, the worst part.  Left was a week ago and right is today.  While this hole looks massive, compare it to the size of my fingernails.  The wound is now filled with healthy pink tissue and will fill from the inside out as it repairs.  It causes me a lot of discomfort and pain.  But some great advice from a friend who deals in wound care is really helping me through it along with the great treatment from my husband.


-N- said...

Looking great! It is interesting to see how you have swollen more in the abdomen since the drains are out - at least you took lots of pics along the way so you can know that it is temporary swelling and not be second-guessing it. Like you say, it will go down and it takes time, and the scars are looking so good!

Tracey Korol said...

Hi there. I was shown your blogs by a friend who I believe you know. She had told me you have pictures of a procedure I will have to get done hopefully in a years time. I just had the sleeve surgery and was wondering where you went to get it? I am so happy I did but I am concerned about the skin so I am so glad to see your blog and thank you for that. I am already knowing I want to have surgery on getting rid of excess skin and a breast lift. I already need that lol

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Hi Tracey!

I had my sleeve done in Washington at Puget Sound Surgical Centre.

For this surgery, I went to Beverly Hills! My surgeon was Dr. Timothy Katzen and I had the lower 360 body lift and the inner thigh lift. He was phenomenal. Excellent care and even though I am no where near healed up, I am already happy with the results that I see!

Congratulations on taking that first step and finding such a great tool to help you get healthy! I was sleeved two years ago and it was the best decision I have ever made regarding my health.

jozien said...

oh darling, that is something.
My husband had some surgery done (of a different kind) but we are sending photos (that i take) to the surgeon every week. And i do like it, (i am a wimp) to actually have a look that way and to see objectively how it is healing so much. I feel it makes it more bearable somehow.
Good luck sweetheart. If you need titles of good books to read, i have a few. I just finished Wild by Cheryl Strayed. You might find it interesting, how she deals with physical pain part of her journey.