Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Chair Banishment aka The Squirrel Gets Tranquilized.

I have been banished to my recliner.

Today is day 3 of banishment.  Many, many more days to go.

After feeling great last week (thank you oh amazing pain pills) I over did it.  I went to a potluck, a craft show, two houses to visit, and then out to see Santa.  Yeah.  It didn't end well.

On Saturday night my entire body was swollen so much that my incision lines were hurting like hell and I thought I was going to rip open.

So Matt (nurse husband thinks he knows everything) said I am in the chair for good. 

Then even worse news yesterday.  A spot on my hip where the batsuit had been rubbing has turned into a small hole.  I had the spot covered with gauze and it very quickly went from meh this will be fine, to me freaking out screaming, "I think a worm is burrowing into my side!" Literally overnight the hole opened up.  Damn it.

So, my nest is mighty impressive on the recliner.  I have 7 pillows and usually at least one cat.

Oh.  And my chest cold is nearly gone.

Oh.  And my body decided to replace that with a hellish head cold and I am now a snot factory.

Okay.  Some things good:

Inner thigh wound is mending very well.

Giant hole at the top of my butt crack is filling in (says the husband who has to deal with it every day).  Tomorrow is picture day, so I will be able to see how it is actually looking.

I have hired a house cleaner this week to wash my walls and other not so fun spots that even if my husband did try to wash them, it would need to be done over again.  He is back to work full time and on call hours, so a cleaner seemed like a good way to give him a break.

I am down to 3 pain pills a day (hurray, my brain is a bit less fuzzy!).

And super news!  Size 10 jeans arrived in the mail from Old Navy yesterday (they had a 50% off sale, so I splurged and got some clothes) and they fit.  The fucking fit.  Even with my swelling and wearing a batsuit, they fit.  Now, when I sat down they did put pressure on my incisions making them not comfy to wear at this point, but I am sure after healing they will be awesome.

It is going to be a long and boring chair banishment, but I need to heal.  This squirrel has been given a tranquilizer. 

Size 10 pants!  Yahoooo!!!

I can sit down in jeans and still see them.  No skin/fat rolls pouring over the top of the jeans.


Way Way Up said...

What?! I was expecting at least one photo of a squirrel with a dart sticking out of it. Man....blatant false advertising.

Art said...

good progress
hang in there
listen to your husband...men are not as dumb as women think them to be