Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Lego Love

This house loves lego.  We have build offs on the weekends where the parents take no mercy and completely kick ass.

My kids get limited ipad time in the morning (40m or less).  You know what makes me happy?  When you see your kid opt to put the ipad down and go back to lego.

The lego website has some great articles about brain development, relationships, creativity, and more that are so interesting.  I really enjoyed this one today on building sibling relationships through playing with lego.  Yes, 85% of the time lego play starts and ends in wars between my boys (someone destroys something, someone steals a piece, etc), but then there is that other 15%.  Where one says to the other, "Wow!  That is awesome!"  or "Can you help me build a ...?"

Lego is the shit.

We have gotten most of ours second hand and are always on the look out for more.  But I am an organizational junkie and the big rubbermaid of it was driving (and the kids) crazy.  My mother saw this set up at costco and told me about it.  I convinced her and my dad to get it for the boys for Christmas.  Bliss!  Matt and I spent about six hours organizing the rubbermaid of lego we have and I know it is all for naught since in a few weeks it will all be mixed up again.  But what the hell.  It looked good for a photo!  And at least it is all spread out enough that they can find piece without getting frustrating digging through the deep rubbermaid.

So where is the stand?  In our living room.  Right next to the coffee table that serves as a giant building table.  Yep.  We are all set for weekend build-offs.

Hunter starting the sort.

Matt and Hunter still sorting!

Done!!!  And still space for pounds and pounds more. 


Meandering Michael said...

Wow! I have lego envy.

Allmycke said...

My son had a huge trunk full of Lego. When we left Inuvik, we had to sell it - which was almost as terrible as having our dogs put down...

Anonymous said...

Lego here MUST be dumped onto a towel or sheet for sorting/digging so that it is easy to return to the bin, and the most I have attempted is a bin of "people stuff" (minifigs are the shizzle here) and one of "big stuff", with the rest mixed together.

A friend has an entire built in lego wall unit in their main living room...and an obsessive kid who doesn't do well with anyone else touching his lego...I'm ok with social lego use that's chaos :)

It's great stuff!