Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Bum Watch: Week 5!

Okay, it is a night early, but tomorrow is five weeks post surgery.  Matt took photos tonight for an update.

I already wrote yesterday how I have a new wound and I am banished to the recliner for the entire week.  Today was day three.  Going to start a Dr. Who Marathon to get me through the rest of the week!

Pictures!!  Again CAUTION!  The last couple of photos show my wounds.  Cause ya know, there are curious folks who want to see it all!  And I am the queen of the overshare!   Yippeeee!

Ohhhh And lets start with some shocking photos....  Me from just 26 months ago.  The night before my sleeve surgery:
Yup.  Me.

And me again.

The last three weeks of my ass.  Right picture is tonight.  Wound is filling with healthy tissue.  It still causes me a lot of discomfort, but thanks to a friend I have learned some new positions to sit that help relieve some pressure.

My new nemesis.  It is a very small hole and goes in about 1cm.  Treating with wound gel and gauze.  None of my other wounds have really been painful, but this f%^*er is very sensitive to the touch.

So what do the wounds mean?  Nothing much.  They were just spots where the pressure caused the incision to break open.  I will have larger scars there, but that doesn't bother me one bit.  When I look at how big I was and the mess my body was in?  Having 6' of scar lines just makes me proud that I have changed my life.


-N- said...

Wow, you are coming along well. Too bad about the new wound .... take it easy! The outside world will wait for you ...

Anonymous said...

Please put you clothes back on.

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Hi Anonymous,

Sorry, bum watch shall continue!

But luckily, you have the option to not come back and look!

Anonymous said...

Kara - love your comments to the anonymous that apparently just can't stay away! lol. Internet troll obviously. Your jeans look awesome!


Matthew & Michele said...

WTG Kara.