Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Bum/Seroma Watch Week 6

Well a lot more interesting/absolutely disgusting things to post about this week as compared to last week!

Last week we saw a wee hole on my right hip.  Meh.  No big deal.  Put some special wound gel on it and WHAM over night we see the wee hole had been hiding a giant hole underneath!  We are treating it just like the giant hole I have on the butt and it is already showing a lot of improvement.  It will take probably 6 weeks or more to fill in, but I should be fine.  It just looks really disgusting right now!

Bum hole is filling is so well!  The picture Matt too doesn't do it justice as to how much it has improved. It is also causing me a lot less discomfort while sitting; super bonus since I am still spending most of my time sitting.

Left inner thigh wound looks awesome.  Filled right up.  A couple of smaller wounds on the inner thigh are still being treated with antibiotic cream and another couple of weeks and they should look great.  My one thigh has zero issues and looks awesome! 

For the last week though I have been struggling with a hellish charlie horse in my left outer upper thigh and lower left butt.  I had been trying hot and cold compresses, massaging it... nothing was working.  There happened to be a doctor in Faro this week so I went to get some prescriptions filled and have her just check out my wounds as well.  So, close to where this pain is, there was a very small wound on the surface along the incision line.  The doctor took out this long q-tip probe to clean it off and WHAM!  The probe went right through the surface wound, went down about 1.5" and liquid started gushing out!! I mean gushing.  She grabbed a garbage can and I had to try and stand over it while liquid poured down my leg.  As we massaged my left side more and more fluid came out.  We are guessing at least 250ml came out.  And it is still draining!!!!   I have the small hole covered in gauze and then I put a wash cloth in folded over 4x.  It is soaked through within 2 hours.  Last night I soaked through all my sleeping wear and a few layers of a blanket.  So gross!  Yes I am incredibly relieved that we had a doctor in town and she found that problem!  It is called a seroma.  Just a build of a liquid that my body was taking a very long time to absorb. 

Also when I saw the doctor she looked at a couple of the inner thigh wounds and decided to scrape off the tops with a scalpel.  Thank god I still have no feeling along that incision line!!!!!  She said taking off the top layer would allow it to scab over better and heal quicker.

I spent all of last week- seven days straight- sitting in my recliner with very little movement to help my wounds heal.  I nearly went crazy.  The doctor I saw yesterday said I can do a bit of walking (a few houses down to visit a friend), but just as long as the wounds keep healing and nothing gets worse.  And to keep an eye on any other swelling.

My batsuit is feeling a bit loose, so I just ordered two more a size down. I am hoping the increased pressure from them will continue to help decrease the swelling.

I emailed my surgeon back in the states and he said to keep milking the area where the leak is (keep pushing on the skin all around to get everything out).  The wound needs to be probed with a q-tip to keep it open for a while to make sure it keeps draining.  He said everything else is looking fine, even the giant wounds!

Nothing was done wrong.  I wasn't botched by a surgeon.  These were just pressure points and for some reason my body decided not to heal in those spots.  Just shitty luck, but no where to place any blame.

And now on to the photos!!

Did comparison shots to last week.  Not much to compare to other than the new wounds.


My front looks amazing!  Just a lot of swell between my belly button and the top of my pubic region.

Left inner thigh.  The red at the top used to be a huge hole, but it has built right up.  The other two spots were scraped down with a scalpel by the doctor and we hope they will finally start to heal.

Right inner thigh healing up beautifully!  The scars are becoming nice and flat already!  Still a a lot of leg swelling going on here.

Yep.  Left cheek still seems smaller!  ahahahh   But bum is starting to get a better shape as swelling decreases!

All looks good to me.

Swelling is very prominent in this photo in the upper pubic region.  I hope it really starts to go down soon!!  It is a squishy and gross.

Wee hole last week... giant hole this week!!  Okay, not so giant.  About 2" long by 1" wide and about 1" deep.  Nice pink tissue inside, so it will fill in over time.
This was the wee wound that the Doctor just touched with a q-tip and goo poured out!!  And now I just leak all the time.  I am rather disgusting.  I don't think anyone will be inviting me to sit on their sofa any time soon!

And the bum!!  It is filling in fast!!  I bet in another 4 weeks I just have a scar back here and this is all just a bad memory.


-N- said...

The parts of you that aren't oozing wounds are looking fantastic! Your scars are already way less noticeable. Keep on oozing ... you wanna get that stuff out! It's like Yukon pioneer-style drainage, now that you have those fancy Hollywood hose drains out!

VeenuSandhu11 said...

Wow! The human body is amazing, and so are you! Love your honest and fascinating posts!