Sunday, December 22, 2013

Holiday Festivities!

Even in my state, I have been able to get out and about around the community for some fun events.  And even stay in the house for some fun events.  I feel a bit out of sorts this season with not being able to do as much as I usually do.  It has been a lot less volunteer work and I miss it immensely.  I haven't been baking for the neighbours and kids like I usually do, but that is probably better for all of our butts!     :)

Photos of the fun we have been up to:

Daddy's Birthday was on the 3rd!  My friend made him a gluten free birthday cake.

School photo K4!

School photo Grade 1

Attempting to tell Santa that he has been good.....

His mouth says he was good.... his eyes say otherwise.

The boys have been helpful in tucking me into bed.

Matt managed to find the world's fugliest tree.  And he is rather proud of his kill.

Drilling holes to add extra branches.....

Well.  Lights fix nearly anything.

Dressed up for the school concert!  So handsome.

K4/K5 Christmas concert.  Cavan is 4th from left.  Reindeer Hokey Pokey!

Grand 1/2 Christmas Concert.  Hunter is third from the left.



Letter to Santa!

Letter to Santa!  Both boys just asked for a cool surprise.

Fun at the rink even for mama!  The boys pushed me around on a chair!

Community skate with Santa!!  So much fun!

Santa is pretty good on his skates!


Allmycke said...

At least your tree is big! I remember one we had in Inuvik... it was so tiny that when I stood in front of it, a visiting neighbour didn't see it.
Itsmal, skinny, had maybe 12 branches and a top... My Dad who spent a lifetime in forestry didn't even mention the trees around Inuvik and "forest" in the same sentence.

Allmycke said...

*It was...
the un-robot thing wants me to type in "humoursome" could that be because someone out there noted my Spelling mistake...

Anonymous said...

Hi happy christmas to you and your lovely family. I enjoy reading your blog. Cheers.