Thursday, December 26, 2013

Bum Watch Week 7

I thought by week 7 I would be good.  I would be cleaning my own house, cooking all the meals, heck maybe even going for walks with the kids.

Yeah.  Not there yet.

I still get exhausted easily.  Just this afternoon I did a few tasks and it left me nearly passing out in the bathroom.  What did I do?   Prepped a casserole (took maybe 15 minutes), had a long shower so I could shave my legs, had Matt take my seven week photos, got my dressings changed and WHAM.  Again.  Exhausted and nearly passed out in the bathroom.  I think I will go and get my blood work done next week and see if my iron or something is low and that is contributing to the exhaustion.  Or maybe this really just is how my body deals with healing.

And yes, I am blogging about my week 7 body pictures before I blog about Christmas.  That is because we are having our big supper tonight with friends.  So nearly naked Kara photos get to take priority!

Changes I have noticed?  Some abdominal swelling is down and my batsuits are getting loose.  Two new ones should be arriving by next week sometime.  My thighs feel less tight from swelling.  And evenings are still hell.  By the end of the day I feel like I am going to explode, especially if I have been out visiting or doing a bit more around the house than I should.  I have reduced my pain medication drastically and am down to maybe one percocet a day.  Valium I have found really helps relax my muscles before bed and the rest of the time I just use extra strength Tylenol.  I have ordered some Tylenol PM to help me relax and get to sleep. 

My seroma is leaking a lot less, but there is a larger hole behind that wee hole.  I don't think it will open up much though since the incision lines there are healed so well.  I hope it just heals up well!

My right hip wound is filling in a little bit, it gives me zero pain, but is definitely gross to look at.  The boys are fascinated with looking at it!

Bum hole is nearly healed right up!   My bum in general still looks funny from the thigh swelling and that left cheek I fear is going to be smaller even when the swelling ends.  Ah well.  Still better than the massive rear end I had back there before!

My goal starting next week is to try with just walking around the block.  It is a 1km loop and I know enough people that if I get tired, I can just stop in for coffee somewhere.  And to get back off the carbs.  Holiday eating is hard!  But my weight is still just sitting at 166lbs.  Still shocks me to write that number.  The lowest I was after surgery was 163, but I wasn't eating much at that point.  I am surprised my weight isn't higher with all the holiday snacks I have been enjoying.  I will be going through some serious sugar detox in the new year!

And photos! 


Modeling Christmas undies from a friend!

My abdominal swelling is coming down a  lot!

Me and my lopsided bum!  Still very curious to see it looks like in another two months.

Bit less swelling even in the upper pubic region

My bum over the last few weeks!  On the right is today.  Hole is small!!

Seroma hole.  When Matt probes it with a q-tip he can tell there is a bigger hole under there and I am just hoping it won't open up any more.

Right hip wound.  Not nearly as deep as it was.
Left thigh healing up slowly but surely.

Right thigh is freaking stellar!


-N- said...

You're looking great! Some of that holiday weight might be extra swelling from the added activity, plus holiday food makes you retain more water too (at least that's my excuse over here!). It might come right off once you are back in your routine. 1 km sounds kind of far for the first walks, don't push yourself too hard at first! You'll get there! It must be so hard though for such an active person to have to be so inactive for soooo long ... you are probably getting a little impatient.

Jaime said...

Looking good, Kara!!

Tara said...

Wow, what an amazing transformation, Kara! I hope your healing continues to go well, but don't push it! As another commenter said, 1km sounds like a lot if prepping a casserole and shaving your legs is exhausting. The enforced inactivity must be making you crazy. It'll all be worth it in the end!

Take good care, and merry Christmas!