Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Re-Set Day

Yesterday was perfect!  I was feeling like crap from a poor eating day the day prior and just needed a way to re-set myself.  My choices the day before weren't that horrible, but it still left my body feeling bloated and miserable.

So I decided to stick to just fluids and vegetables yesterday.  Really I ate barely anything: a few slices of cucumber, half a carrot, and two tomatoes.  I wasn't trying to deprive myself, I was just giving my system a day to clean itself out.  I drank a lot of tea, water and crystal lite.  Throughout the day I kept myself busy and away from the kitchen.  I never really felt hungry thanks to the volume of fluid I was taking in.

This morning I feel so much better!  That bloated feeling is gone.  And even better than that- I feel stronger today.  A feeling like food doesn't control me as much as it did.  Perhaps a bit of a mental breakthrough here?

Only 14 more pounds until my next big goal of hitting 200lbs.  I want to hit that by November 1st and it sure looks like that is easily within reach now.  I am down 105lbs now!

I was emailing with my surgeon yesterday and he wants me to up my protein even more than the nutritionist asked for at our last phone meeting.  Because of my activity level I should now be consuming, at a minimum, 120g of protein a day.  I think I may have to add a second protein shake in during the day to hit that goal.  Thankfully I am really good at tracking all of my food.  So with a few adjustments I should be able to get it all sorted out.


Sarah said...

Man, you are really rocking this! Not that you make it look easy, but you are showing how hard it is and how healthy you're doing this and I am just so happy for you!

Allmycke said...

I can't express how much I admire you and what you have accomplished so far.
I'm sure you'll hit your goal by November 1st!

Tina said...

Only 14 more lbs? Did the zombies get your brain? :)

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

heheh Only 14 pounds until I weight 200lbs. Make more sense now Tina?

jan keaveny said...

Kara! You are on the road to wonderful! I am constantly watching my intake as well. I just returned from a two week trip in the country of Turkey - where the food was provided and abundant - but I stayed away from most desserts, kept up my fluids and protein, and only gained 3 pounds! Yeh! I'm back home and trying to avoid the kitchen except during meals! My spouse is now considering the surgery as well. That will be nice if we are both eating the same way! Keep up the good work!