Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Date Night

Matt and I do not get alone time together very often.  I guess that would be one of the very few downsides to living far away from family, where you could be selfish and just drop the kids off with the grandparents for a night to get a break.  Also, we don't live near a movie theatre, restaurants or those other typical date spots.  There are youth in town that we do get to babysit, but they are busy with summer jobs and enjoying the sun right now too, so it can be hard to find a sitter in the summer.

Thankfully though, we have great friends who are willing to put up with our crazy kids for a few hours.  Yesterday evening Matt and I got two and a half hours of freedom while our friends had our boys.  So what did we do for our date night?  Nice supper?  Nope.  Movie?  Nope.  Make-out session in the truck?  Well you will never know that one for sure!

We went out to the range to sight in our rifles!  A true Yukon date.

12 years together and he hasn't turned the gun on me yet.  Not bad!

Wishing I was shooting at a caribou instead.

Love birds!

We need to do this more often!


Tara Borin said...

That is definitely a true Yukon date! We do have to be creative up here, don't we?

Jaime said...

I seriously didn't realize that was you at first in the first photo of you with the gun. You look so good!!

I wish Park Behind My House got picked. I would have voted for that.