Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Dot Rogers Memorial Park

Last night was the grand opening of the newest park in Faro.  The park has been open since late June, but the big ceremony was a little later in coming.  One of the reasons the ceremony was held a bit later was to allow the community a chance to vote on the name for the new park.  Everyone was encouraged to submit a name for the park and then later on vote for their favorite.

We submitted a few names and the boys even got in on it.  When I asked Cavan what he thought the park should be called he said, "Poodit Park".  I have no clue.  Hunter went with the obvious, "Park Behind My House".  I submitted them as a joke to our rec manager but then she put them on the ballot form!  Oh my.  I am sure Poodit confused a lot of people!  Thankfully people were smart when then came to voting!

The new park has been named in honour of a resident that passed away a couple of years ago, Dot Rogers.  She was a lovely and kind woman that is much missed from Faro.

The party held at the park last night was fantastic.  There was a bison burger bbq, desserts, music, prizes, and of course the park to play on! 

Making cakes for the party.

Party at the park!  The view from my back deck.

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