Sunday, August 5, 2012

Random Bits

Random bits to add to the blog from the last week:
Scored some new to me furniture for the living room!  Now how do you get cats to not claw leather?

The kids nearly shat their pants with excitement when this fighter jet buzzed town twice!

Learning how the fish weir works!  This is just a few kilometers from our house.  No fish this time.

Always have to take time to drive the Faro dumptruck!

The boys and I went to Whitehorse for a few days.  They had a blast with their friends from Ross River who just moved to the big city! 

Train ride with friends!  After this we took all the kids to the theatre.  It was Hunter and Cavan's first movie experience and they both loved it!

Thanks for taking such a great picture of me, Ella!


Anonymous said...

Holy Kara, I barely recognized you. You look fantastic. Keep at it girl.

Courtney w

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the cats..... keep a spray bottle with water handy. When they go near the furniture, give them a spray. Worked well with my cat.... unless of course you have those weird cats that love water!!