Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Anti-Whine Device

Are you the exhausted parent of a horribly whiny three year old? 

Are you being driven mad by a child that cannot speak in a normal voice?

Have you locked yourself in the bathroom to hide from that annoying whine that just grates on your nerves until you think your head is going to explode?

Would you rather feed your child to the wolves rather than listen to that whine for another day?

Parents!  I have discovered the cure to the whine!  And no, the cure is not just a bottle of wine for the exhausted parent.

Behold!  The amazing, easy to use, and fast acting Anti-Whine Device!

Child whines?  Spray them in the face.  Repeat.

Day one in our household: Horribly annoying three year old child was sprayed in the face about seven separate times.  He was told in a firm tone that whining is not allowed in our house and that he must use full sentences in his normal voice.  Then parent walks away.

Day two in our household:  Slightly annoying three year old child was sprayed in the face twice and told the rules.  Other times, bottle only had to be shown and shaken to achieve desired results.

Day three in our household:  Semi-pleasant little boy isn't sprayed once.  Bottle has to be shown and shaken only a few times to get the whine shut down.

Day four in our household:  Pleasant little boy only had to be reminded a couple of times about the anti-whine device.

Hopefully we have cured our child of his extreme and irritating whiny tendencies.  We were seriously at our wits end with Cavan and his whining and this turned him around completely.  Plus, it really gave us satisfaction to squirt our kid in the face with water when he was being irritating! 


Gen said...

Wish I had one of those in the car!

Trish said...

I should track down the parents of I think a four year old in Walmart. It was their own fault for getting her so wound up by dangling something she wanted over her head until she whined enough that they caved. Then she started to hit her parents with whatever it was, they took it away and it produced throw down tantrum on the floor. The bottle would have been a perfect tool to utilize at that point!

Krista Funk said...

Oh my goodness, this is priceless! I tried this on my cat when he was a kitten but he seemed to take it as a challenge and not a punishment.

I don't have kids... do you think I could get away with using it on *other* people's children???

Nah, didn't think so. ;o)

Way Way Up said...

Oh....anti-whine. I thought you meant anti-wine! I guess I can stop caressing my bottle now.