Thursday, August 30, 2012

Month 11- A Day of Eating

I get asked an awful lot what I eat during the course of the day.  It has been just over 10 months since I had my gastric sleeve surgery and I am down 109lbs, so it is definitely working!

My goals for the day are to consume 120g of protein, under 100g of carbohydrates and keep my calorie count to 1200 or less.  All of this done with meal sizes at a maximum of 3/4's of a cup.  It is quite the balancing act!

So here was my day yesterday:

I start the morning off with a protein drink.  Just mixed with water.  About half an hour later I have a cup of tea.

Breakfast is around 10am for me.  Yesterday it was greek yogurt.

Lunch was sliced steak, grated cheddar cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers and onion with some catalina dressing.

Afternoon snack was 1/3c of homemade trail mix.

Later afternoon snack was half of this apple.

Supper was a ginger garlic ground burger, couscous, and broccoli slaw mix.  Delicious!

Evening treat #1- a friend dropped off a tray of sushi rolls for me and I had to have one!

Evening treat #2- we were making thank-you cookies for friends and I ate one.

Later in the evening when checking my protein count I was a bit low, so I ate a little can of tuna.
My calorie count for yesterday was 1198, protein was 100g and carbohydrates were 93.  So I was a bit under my goal for protein.  It is so hard to hit that 120 mark!

The picture on the right was taken in August of last summer.  What a difference in a year!


Trish said...

You, my friend, are awesome :-) Your food looks delicious as well!

Fawn said...

Wow, it must have been such a mental shift to such tiny meals! Halia has about the same amount of yogurt for her breakfast! (And then she usually has some cereal or berries or toast, too.) How awesome, though, to still be able to have some treats and not go over your targets. Lunch looks awesome. Mmmm.

Congrats on your amazing progress, Kara!

Morena said...

Seeing this photo Menu really puts things in to perspective. People who think you took the easy way out needs to see that. Not that it doesn't look good, it just looks lacking in size! I can't imagine going from what I eat now to that. I am so proud of your ability to stay on task. You are amazing and you deserve all your success.

And wow, are you ever starting to look like your boys as you shrink!