Thursday, August 9, 2012

Little Boys Love Big Trucks

We have been waiting for months for the Military Vehicle Preservation Association (MVPA) to conduct their 70th Anniversary Convoy on the Alaska Highway.  My husband loves old trucks, especially old military ones.  And the little boys love anything with wheels.  Last night they were in Ross River and this morning they drove past Faro.

We really wanted some of the vehicles to stop so we could say hello and the boys could get a chance to check out the trucks.  The best way I thought to convince them to stop was cute little boys and homemade baking!  And it worked like a charm.  Last night I whipped up 10 dozen homemade strawberry and rhubarb muffins and two signs for the boys to hold up.

This morning starting at 8am we were out there eagerly waiting for the convoy to roll on by.  When the first vehicles arrived and saw the little group of excited Faroites waiting at a pull out on the highway, they radioed the group and told them to pull in!  This is no small convoy either.  They travel in four groups and total about 100 support and military vehicles with about 150 people.

The signs were a hit, as were the muffins.  I think every person that came through took a picture of my boys and I handing out muffins.  Hunter and Cavan got to climb into vehicles, blow horns and sirens, and came away with money and stickers!  As I was handing out muffins, the participants kept asking where to pay!  I told them we weren't doing this for money- just for a chance to get to say hello, good luck, and hopefully let my boys have an up-close look at their vehicle.  The old guys were tickled pink with my boys and kept handing them change to put in their pockets.  Pretty adorable.  Not a single muffin made it back home!

All of this was done in the pouring rain for two hours this morning.  But it was completely worth it!  My boys are learning about kind acts and old vehicles all in one shot.  Can't beat that!

How can you resist cute boys with signs?  The convoy participants loved the signs so much, they asked to take the big trucks sign with them!  Of course we let them have it.

Hunter was ready to drive away with this rig!

Boys, trucks and mud!

Checking out the vehicles.

Can I have this one, mom?  Pwweeease!


Megan said...

That is SO cute! You guys are awesome! I love reading about your random acts of kindness!

Lana said...

I am so glad you guys got to see them! I saw them when I was home for Rolla's 100th and thought of you.

Sarah said...

Such a FUN morning... (even in the rain!) You have the most awesome ideas Kara!!!

jen said...

You are the best mom ever!!