Friday, April 27, 2012

Dental Tourism? Any Advice?

Sooner rather than later I need to have some dental work done.  I have been going through a few years of dental hell after visits with a traveling dentist and another one in Whitehorse did a lot of damage to my teeth.  All of the work those two dentists did has all had to be redone at a huge out of pocket cost to us.  We have paid about $12k for the dental work to date above and beyond what our dental insurance will cover.

Right now I need to have a bridge redone and my insurance will not cover it.  The bridge the dentist did was crap and it fell to pieces.  My insurance will only cover it if I wait another three years, which just isn't possible.  It also means at least two if not three trips to Whitehorse which is gas, hotel and meals all of which are not covered.  It is expensive!

I have been hearing about people traveling abroad to have dental work done and I am trying to research it.  Heck, if I can take a week long vacation and have my dental work done all for the same price as going into Whitehorse three times, why not!

Have you done this?  Do you know someone who has?  I am looking for names of clinics and real person reviews!  Help me out, please!



Tina said...

There is an awesome dentist right here in saskatchewan. Really easy on the eyes too. And there is vacancies right now at the Schwartz Bed and Breakfast. :)

Unknown said...


There are quite a few patients who travel from Alaska to Mexico to get their work done. If you find a good dentist, the quality is outstanding, and the prices are incredible for the same, or much better quality materials. (You could expect to pay about $1000 for a standard 3-unit bridge and $1500 for best quality materials on the market). A week is enough time to get it done and enjoy some sunshine as well. You might want to check out this clinic in Cancun, US trained dentists, right on the beach and they'll pick you up from the airport & your hotels:

Best of luck with your dental care!

jen said...

This all sounds very interesting! Of course I'm going to be like Tina and insist you come to Ontario and stay at my place!! :) I LOVE my dentist. But somehow I don't think that's what Dental Tourism is? lol

Lana said...

My parents got some done in Mexico and were very happy with it. You could call them and get the details.

Lana said...

They got really good deals on glasses too!

Medical Tourism said...

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Ocandental said...

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