Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Pedals, Puddles, and Potlucks

Another fantastic weekend!  Life just keep getting better and better. 

On Thursday, a friend and I ditched our respective families and headed to the bright lights of Whitehorse for a night.  We shopped until we dropped and our credit cards were crying for a breather.  I bought myself a bike (and I have even ridden it a few times without crashing already!), a few new clothing items, and new runners and hikers.  Grocery shopping was a breeze with no screaming boys!  There was even a relaxing two hours getting a manicure and pedicure done!  And in true Kara fashion, I ruined my manicure 30 seconds after it being completed by pulling on my super classy rubber boots.  We didn't get home until early evening on Friday and it was a much needed little break.

Saturday was spent biking around and around the block with the boys and finding the deepest puddles possible!  There was also a community egg hunt that was hosted by our Girls Night Out group.  Where else can you live where a group of teenage girls volunteer their time (and money they have raised) to buy chocolate for all the kids and host a fun hunt for them?  I can't say it often enough- Faro is full of amazing people, the youth included.

Sunday morning we collected all the treats the Easter Bunny left for us.  Then we went to church with boys on a serious sugar buzz!  We enjoyed an early service followed by a breakfast potluck.  My mother in law had sent the boys little suits for Christmas that we didn't use, and I was happy to have an occasion to dress them up.  Again, we spent the afternoon cruising the block on our bikes, splashing in puddles, and digging trenches for the run off water.  That evening we had another potluck supper and had 21 people here for supper.  Good food, good friends, and good fun all around!

Monday was a pretty lazy day.  I did a lot of sewing to try and keep up with my weekly goals.  The boys were outside most of the day.  We had some friends over for a lunch time weenie roast in the back yard.  I think it is almost time to break out the sunscreen!  We rode our bikes and just enjoyed the nice weather.  So over the weekend I did 11.5km on my new bike.  Not bad considering how long it has been since I rode one!

I didn't get a single picture of us on our bikes or our big pot luck supper, but here are a few other nice photos from the weekend:

The boys and their Easter loot.

All dressed up for church!

Suits and rubber boots.

Lots of kids at church.

Cavan and his best buddy, Alex.


Johanna said...

yup! Faro sounds like a pretty amazing little spot! :O)

Tina said...

I soo wanna move there.

dogsled_stacie said...

Those boys in those little ties/vests = freakin' adorable!!!!

Morena said...

OMG the suits are just too cute.