Sunday, April 22, 2012

Three Years Old!

Phew. We have survived the Terrible Two's.

Not sure if we will all make it through the Trying Three's though!  This kid sure does give us a run for our money.  Thankfully he is pretty darn cute and says some funny stuff that usually helps us forget about the times we want to feed him to the wolves.

Cavan a couple days old.  We had no clue how much trouble we were in!

And now already three years old!  Check out his new stuffy- a boy dressed as a fox!  I had a friend custom make it for him. 

Brothers that went from this....

To this.  The best is listening to Cavan talk to Hunter; he usually just calls him Brudder.

Backyard birthday fun with a bunch of his friends on Saturday.

His new biking gear.  I doubt it will last for long.  I am predicting this is the summer of the broken arm for this kid.  No amount of protective gear will stop him!


Tina said...

He is soo cute. I cant believe he is 3 and that I havent met him yet. :)

Megan said...

Oh, look at him in his gear! I'm afraid for you. :)