Monday, April 2, 2012

A Weekend of Community Fun

This entire weekend was all about community- something that we really believe in. We spent the entire weekend participating in a variety of community events. It was so great to see the impressive turnouts to the events! I already blogged about our backyard bonfire with friends and cotton candy buzz that covered Friday night.

Saturday started with a pancake breakfast at the rec centre. Girls North ran that event and all the funds they raised are helping to fund a trip to Vancouver this spring for the girls to check out Universities! After that we headed out to Fish Eye Lake for our spring festival- The Ice Worm Squirm! The weather was gorgeous and the events hilarious. My team came in second place in the team events. My superb performance in the tea boiling helped us with our high placing! Then that evening we went back to the rec centre for archery and a steak supper that was a fundraiser for the Faro Youth Group.

Sunday we headed down to church and were pleasantly surprised with an hour of gospel bluegrass music by our very own talented Faroites. A guitar and two mandolins doing "Keep on the Sunny Side" and "I'll Fly Away" made my day! Then that afternoon we went down to the arena for the big skating show!  Hunter has been in skating lessons since the fall and all the kids have been practicing hard for the big show. The community turned out in droves to support the kids! The stands were full of people throwing flowers for the skaters and clapping their hearts out. After the big show both of my boys got to have a ride on the zamboni!

A perfect weekend with friends and a heck of a lot of fun!
Here fishy!

Cavan with a maple syrup treat!  A little stuck in his mouth.

Me and my team kicking butt at the tea boiling!

Our team, Awesome Awesome Squirrel Bait, getting reading for the snowshoe relay.

My kid is fast on his snowshoes!

Smooshing!  We were definitely not the quickest in this one.

Our train snow sculpture

Cavan exhausted from the afternoon out at the lake.  But still holding onto to his prize!

Hunter getting ready to shoot!

Cavan and Peter getting ready to take down a deer.

Almost ready for the big skating show!

Our figure skaters were fantastic!

The little sunshine crew!

It really doesn't get any more Canadian than this.  Riding the zamboni around the rink with an RCMP member at your side!

Cavan going around the rink too!


Holly from 300 Pounds Down said...

I love these pictures!!!!! I really love looking at the pictures you put up. I feel like I'm back in Alaska!

Lana said...

I want to live in a place like Faro that does fun stuff like that!!! How come I am in Saint John??????