Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Monday Crafting

So last week I set myself up with some crafting goals to make sure I have myself well stocked for craft fairs and the upcoming summer tourist season.

How did I do?

Not too bad over all! 

I got my one smaller project done- a pair of baby booties were whipped up while I was catching up on watching "Sons of Anarchy" one night.  Sorry Matt, but I would toss you out for Jax Teller any day.

Smaller projects were a definite focus this week.  I made 8 fur puff hair elastics, 7 hair bands, and six key chains.  Most of these small items will be going to the Trapper's Cache in Whitehorse where my stuff is being sold right now.

And the bigger project of the week was to finish off a pair of mittens that I started last month.  But they are still sitting here half finished.  A weekend of community events and gorgeous weather got in the way of those.  I might be able to pull of finishing them today though.

Now on to another week of crafting production!

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