Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Here, have some ranch.

Kids do odd things.

On Monday, I was in the kitchen grabbing a few things for our lunch time weenie roast with a couple of other families.  Hunter and Cavan wanted to help carry items to the backyard, so I was leaving a few items by the door for them to haul out.

I was just about ready to come outside when Hunter came in and said that Cavan gave the bottle of ranch dressing to Dave.  I was a little confused since Dave lives across the street.  Okay, I thought, maybe Dave was heading into our backyard for a visit and Cavan gave it to him to bring.  I went into the backyard and there was no Dave in sight.  So I asked Matt if Cavan had brought the ranch to the picnic table and he said no.  Hunter again told me it was given to Dave.

Cavan pipped up that yes, he had given it to Dave because Dave needed it.  So across the street we all went to find the missing bottle of ranch.  A very confused Dave came to the door and gave me back my bottle of ranch!  Cavan had crossed the street by himself, knocked on our neighbours door and handed the bottle to Dave.   I guess he decided that Dave needed the salad dressing more than we did!  Funny thing was that Dave's wife was on the phone, so Dave just assumed that she had asked us to bring it over.

When I took the bottle back from Dave, Cavan completely lost his mind.  He was mad that I was taking it back!  He kept yelling that Dave needed it and that I should give it back to him. 

Wish I knew what was going through his little head as he trudged across the street to give that bottle to Dave!


dogsled_stacie said...

haha!! SO odd! Maybe he dreamt the night before that Dave NEEDED Ranch dressing!

Anonymous said...

Sorry I have just come across your blog could you tell me where faro is .

jozien said...

Yes where's Faro? i found it once.
but your story Kara, i loved all the fun in the last one, and this one...well my boy grew up without salad dressing and maybe Dave needed it more, beside crossing the street on his own, i would have left the salad dressing where it went. But saying that,never take raising kids advice from me, because...well you know what i mean.