Thursday, April 19, 2012

Faro Needs A Principal!

The job posting just went up today! 

Faro is in need of an outstanding individual to fill the principal position

Our small k-12 school has around 40 students with the majority of the youth in the lower grades. 

What are families here hoping for in a successful applicant?  Someone who:
 -  knows what it means to lead a community school
-  will support teachers and push them to strive towards excellence
-  is willing to be directly involved with all grade levels of students
-  is willing to work at building a positive rapport with the students
-  uses the vast wealth of knowledgeable people around Faro who want to be involved in the school
-  is open-minded and willing to discuss new ideas
-  is not only looking to teach the students, but also willing to learn from them
-  can be a strong advocate for our students while having their best interests in mind

My husband summed it up much better than I could have when he said this:  Faro needs a community minded member who will serve as the principal of our educational facility instead of a principal who simple lives in the community.

Do you think you are up to this amazing challenge?  Or do you know someone who should apply? 

Click here for the link to the job posting.

Click here to learn more about Faro.

And of course you can always contact me to find out more about our amazing town and what life here has to offer!


Way Way Up said...

Sadly its my experience that the majority of individuals who are hired to fill these positions are, as you say, just there to live there. I've worked with a few great principals in my 10 years but it seems the majority, protestations aside, are simply there to finish out a career or top up a pension before retirement.

Research I've seen indicates that it takes a period of something around 3-5 years for a principal to effect meaningful change. Most only stay a couple years going by my experience.

I had a suspicion when I saw the title of this post on my sidebar that perhaps you were attempting to catch my interest. While a principalship was on my radar at one point, 10 years of teaching around the North has really burned me out and I've been out of a school setting for a couple years now. No more gas left in my tank as far as teaching goes for me but I do wish the community the best in attracting the best individual as I am very aware of how challenging that can be.

vijen said...

Hi there. I have always wondered abot working iin the Yukon. I saw the advert. when it came out a month. My wife fits the bill to a T but she is worried about short term employment. We are both teachers and it is I who want to work in Yukon not for the short haul. Any suggestion regarding uptodate cost of living, community, population etc...thsnks

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Faro is small, just 400 people. Rent for teachers if $500 a month. Expect to pay at least $700 each month in the winter for heat, about $150 for power, $55 a month for water/sewer/garbage, $160 for phone/internet. Our family of four spends about $800 a month on groceries.
There will be teaching jobs opening up in Faro soon as well.