Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Silence = Trouble

Oh Hunter.  One day when you are bigger I will get even.  Maybe I will toothpaste the handlebars of your dirt bike when you are 15.  Or fill your shoe with hand lotion.  I will think of a great revenge. 

While sitting at the kitchen table enjoying a visit from a friend, her son comes running up and says in French something about Hunter doing something bad.  We head down the hallway and find him on my bed squirting toothpaste into a mug.  A mug he had filled with jewelry, keys and coins.... and hand lotion too.

So what possesses a little boy to do this?  Curiosity?  Mad that his dad is working away right now?  A love of toothpaste?  A desire to clean my jewelry? 

Somehow I didn't lose my mind.  I put him in his room for about 45 minutes while my friend and I laughed until we cried.  I cleaned up the mess without too much fuss.  Later when I asked him what his punishment should be for this, he said, "How about I just give you a hug, mom?"  So I went with it and just decided to get even later in life.  Although, today I made him brush his teeth with my toothpaste and I laughed as I watched him gag on it!


Finnskimo said...

haha. Totally funny. On another note, YOU LOOK ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!

And, next-ish week Elsa and I are driving from AK to Texas...again!

We will drive through destruction bay, muncho lake, etc...then on down toward Seattle.

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

You guys need to take the back route through the Yukon and hit Faro!!!

Morena said...

Oh I do love the letting him choke on your toothpaste revenge. Nice!