Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Taming the Beast

March has roared in like a lion with the temperature plunging down to -37C and -47C with the windchill this morning.

Also roaring in this month is a little terror also known as Cavan. With two months to go until he actually turns two, I think he is trying to get a head start on the terrible two's. The temper tantrums are of epic proportions. He is melting down over every little thing. The melt downs include (but are not limited to) screaming, rolling on the floor, kicking, hitting, biting, jumping, and throwing anything in reach.

I am not sure if this is the best parenting technique, but so far the best way to deal with him is to run away. Yep, I just run away. If he is pitching a fit in the kitchen, I leave and go to the living room. If he follows me still full of rage, I go to the bathroom. Sometimes I even close the door and hide from him.

My second favorite technique is to play peek-a-boo with him. Peek-a-boo always brings out the smiles. However, playing peek-a-boo every 18 minutes during the day gets old quickly.

The third technique is Hunter's favorite. That is the one where I toss Captain Crankypants in his room for a cool off period. He cannot turn the door handle yet, so his room is the perfect little jail. I am pretty sure Hunter would be perfectly happy if we left his little brother locked in his room all day, every day instead of just two minutes at a time.

I have my fingers crossed that March will go out like a lamb and perhaps before Cavan turns two he will be over the terrible part. I think I will have better luck with the weather.


Fawn said...

Halia's doing this, too, and I think part of it is the after-effects of her very bad cold. Coupled with cabin fever because I haven't allowed her to be around any other kids for two weeks in case she was contagious.

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

I think that might be part of our problem too. Long drives, cooped up in a hotel room for days, very little time outdoors.... spring please come!!

Michelle said...

goog thing he is THAT cute!!!

I wish I was at the Lake said...

I have no suggestions...but i can't help by laugh at the imagine of you "running away" from him!! (I know that's not helpful AT ALL!!)

Aida said...

i dont know how you do it..i am just about to go insane with Ben and i only have one!!