Thursday, March 24, 2011


Matt is away this week in Whitehorse and last night Hunter asked if he could sleep with me. All was fine until a huge thud follow by a loud wail at 2am. The poor kid had fallen out of our bed, which is very high! I picked him up, cuddled him until he stopped crying, and then he fell right back asleep.

When he woke up this morning (at 7:30am- wahooo!), he looked a little odd. When I looked closer I saw that his eye was swollen and glued shut with dried blood. I washed his eye with a warm cloth and I was able to pry it open enough to make sure his eye was still in his head. He kept it shut until miraculously a bowl of bee cherrios (honey-nut cheerios) made him feel well enough to open it. Since daddy the nurse is away, he asked if we could go down to the health centre so his Auntie Jeanne, one of Matt's co-workers, could have a look at it. I figured that was a good idea too since I wasn't really sure where the blood had come from.

Jeanne took a look and the cut is on the outside edge of his eye and the eye is fine. Over the course of the day it has stayed quite swollen and a redish purple colour. I am curious if it is going to be bruised tomorrow.

I have tough kids!

Here he is first thing this morning:

By this afternoon he was looking a bit better:


Megan said...

Poor little guy!

Kristi-Bisti said...

My daughter fell out of bed about a month ago. She broke her arm! A cast for 6 weeks.

But it looks like the bee cheerios did the trick this time!