Tuesday, March 8, 2011


We spent quite a bit of time down at the arena in Faro this weekend. On Friday afternoon there was a skating party and then on Saturday there was a fundraising pancake breakfast. While we ate breakfast, there were kids doing laps on the ice. A group of youth is heading to Ottawa this spring break and had been going around town asking for donations. For every dollar that was donated, a lap had to be skated at the arena and these kids had to skate a whopping 1152 laps! I think that is the number... I might be off by just a couple. We all got out on the ice to help them out.

Hunter and Matt have been going to the rink on the weekends to practice their skating. I am not sure which of them is worse! Hunter usually just gives up and reverts to crawling around on the ice. This weekend he discovered the joy of being pushed around on a chair rather than pushing the chair himself.

We are so lucky in Faro to have that arena. It is a wonderful spot for families to spent quality time together!
Cavan and his buddy Zac helping log laps:

Hunter had suckered one of his favorite girls in town to push him around:

Cavan enjoying the push around the ice. Matt claims he needs the chair just as much as the little kids!

Maybe in a couple of years they can both skate without the chair:

Enjoying the delicious snacks:

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I wish I was at the Lake said...

Taylor started at 2 1/2 by pushing a chair around the ice...10 years later we're still at it!