Monday, March 28, 2011

Enjoying the Spring

The weather was so gorgeous on Sunday that we decided to call up some friends to enjoy it with us! We headed down to our sledding hill and gazebo for some sliding and hotdog roasting. The temperature soared to +6C and there was barely any wind. We were down there for three hours and had a fantastic time! Hopefully the weather is nice next weekend and we can do it all again.

Hunter trying to pick up older chicks:

Cavan catching a ride with our friend Bonnie up the hill:

Cavan towing the sled up the hill on his own:

Snow man construction!

Snowball wars!

Cavan trying to pick up an older woman too:

Perfect snowman snow!!

Matt kicking butt in a wrestling match. He had better watch his back. This kid is just 13 and nearly as tall as Matt!! I think he will get even pretty soon.


Melodie said...

Looks like fun! But yowzers...6 isn't THAT warm to wear no coat. lol.

At least the kiddies were still bundled. lol.

Enjoy. If you're getting +6, it's better than what southern Ontario is getting. Haha!

jackie said...

It was warm enough to wear no coat and That hill is great exercise. I bet the kids slept well last night.