Monday, March 21, 2011

Dancing School

A high school student from Faro who is attending an arts based high school in Whitehorse was home this last week for spring break and put on a dancing school for the kids with the help of her younger sister. Hunter and Cavan both attended the three practice classes and then the big performance on Saturday. I missed it since I was up in Dawson City, but Matt took a video and of course I am going to share it!

The Princess and The Pirates:
(crank up the volume)

Untitled from Kara Went on Vimeo.

Cavan spent most of the time trying to get his hat adjusted and Hunter looked a little sad that the princess wouldn't give him a hug! Pretty cute stuff.

Thank you so much Dana and Cayla! The boys both loved Dance School and cannot wait to go again in the future.