Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Particular Child

Hunter is very particular in how he likes things done.

At night he uses two pillows, a regular sized one and a small fleecy one. The small fleecy one has a monster truck embroidered on it. He requires that truck be facing up right. I have seen him adjust his pillow in the middle of the night if it is not just right and I am pretty sure he doesn't even wake up to do it.

The stuffed entourage that accompanies him to bed must be stacked just so on one side of his pillows.

When he is eating his cheerios and milk in the morning while sitting on the sofa, he must be covered up with his special orange frog blanket and then the small fleecy pillow must be in his lap (with the monster truck facing just so) and then his bowl sits atop that.

God forbid you put his socks on after his pants. He insists you are doing it all wrong. And even worse if you get his sock just a little twisted on his foot.

There are lots of other crazy examples. Does anyone else have a kid like this?

Check out his lunch plate from today:

I gave the cucumbers to him in whole slices. He has eaten them all in the exact same manner to avoid the peel and then arranged them in rows. What a crazy kid!

I guess it comes naturally though. I like structure, order and predictability. I cannot stand it if my socks are twisted and I have to keep my pillows arranged in a certain way when I sleep. I love to organize things too. It looks like Cavan is following in his dad's easy going footsteps.


Tigger said...


Anonymous said...

We should get Hunter and Paige together - Paige is particular about everything - which fork has to go with what spoon, where she has to sit on the couch, and yes, in what order she gets dressed in (the socks have to go on after the pants.....:). Some days it is cute....other, a big pain the the a**!

Way Way Up said...

Ditto with Elijah. He is very fussy about staying clean when eating and gets upset over every little spill and food on his face. He was to have the same stuffed animals in his crib and must have baby powder after a changing. I've often joked I should take him to work with me. There's more than enough scaffolding parts for him to stack, sort and organize. I swear the kid would be in his glory!

jen said...

Ezri is heading down this path, especially what she will and will not eat. The only problem is she is still not really talking so she gets really frustrated when I do not cater to her picky needs.