Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sew Successful!

The holiday season has been good to my sewing hobby. I have participated in two craft sales, one here in Faro and the other in Ross River, and have done quite well for myself. On top of those sales I have sold a number of items from a store here in Faro, from my online Etsy site and have also had some custom orders.

I believe in the last month I have sold over a dozen pairs of mittens, two pairs of mukluks, three pill box hats and a number of kid`s items. I have made enough cash that I feel my hobby is finally at the point where it is self-sustaining- meaning I don`t have to harass my husband for my hobby money when we have other bills that need paying.

So with my earnings I have bought more supplies and am thinking of buying the new Canon Rebel that takes video through online boxing day sales.

Today after I finish my last custom order I will be trying some new projects- a cute fleece pull-over for kids and leather bags.

Thanks to everyone who has been supporting my little hobby!


Erica said...

I can't wait to see my Mum and Dad open their prezzies - I think I'll have to order a pair of my own in the new year ^_^ And I adore my hat (if only I would remember to wear my hair down so that I could wear the hat)

Good job, you crafty devil ^_~

Tina said...