Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Santa came to Faro on the weekend and had presents for every good girl and boy! Hunter has been so excited for Santa this year. Every day he asks about him, talks about his sleigh and reindeer, and ohhs and ahhs over the decorations. Hunter's giddiness has been rubbing off on Cavan as well.

Hunter and I had been practicing for a week what he should say to Santa when it was his turn to go and sit with him. And all the practicing paid off! When his name was called he ran up on stage all by himself, crawled up beside Santa and loudly exclaimed, "I've been a good boy all year, Santa!" So darn adorable.
Not impressed with the hat I found for him:

Cavan walked up to Santa all on his own too! No screaming at all. In fact, he didn't want to leave and Mrs. Claus had to take him away.

Hunter chillin' with Santa:
Very impressed with the present Santa brought him:
Cavan was actually more interested in the candy cane from Santa than the present:
Just watching Santa up on stage:

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