Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Photos

Christmas was amazing this year. Hunter understood that Santa was coming and bringing presents and Cavan was excited just because of Hunter. Hunter had even requested to sleep on the sofa so he could see Santa and that Santa had asked him to drive the sleigh this year. How sweet is that?

On Christmas Eve we went outside to leave carrots for the reindeer and we also lit up giant sparklers and waved them around so Santa would know where we lived. I have video of that and I will post it up soon. Both kids were asleep by 7:30pm on Christmas Eve and up at 6am and raring to go!

Christmas morning was fun, relaxed and the boys loved every minute of it. Matt was happy with all of his gifts and was rather spoiled! I made a big Christmas supper that we enjoyed with some friends and neighbours. It was a perfect holiday this year.

Excited little boys getting ready to take carrots outside to leave for the reindeer:

I am pretty sure Santa was at our house!

Can we open them yet mom?

Just what I always wanted!!!

Ohhhh- skates!

The kids wanted to use knives to open up all of their presents. I gave them both butter knives and they cut the paper off. Odd children!

I bought them bead and lacing kits so they can sew!

Dad fighting with toys on Christmas morning. Pretty sure the toy won.

ahahahah My husband trying to push the table apart!

Cavan ready to scarf Christmas supper:

Enjoying dessert:

The cutest Christmas kids ever:
Lilou, Hunter, Quillian and Cavan


Sarah said...

Lilou is so big!

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

I know! I cannot believe she will be a year old next week. She stands all on her own and I bet she will be walking in no time. She has to keep up to all of those boys!